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RachTR TSA ST is a polymer rich, cementitious tile adhesive for thin or thick bed fixing of ceramics tiles in interior or exterior situations and ensures excellent bonding on concrete and plasters, exceeds EN 12004:2007 C1


• High adhesive bond strength.
• Excellent waterproofing characteristics.
• Non-slip and has excellent grab properties.
• Excellent tensile strength.
• Prepacked factory controlled.
• Ensures consistent quality.
• Easy to use.
• Waterproof immersion does not affect adhesion.


RachTR TSA ST can be used for fixing tile on tile applications, ceramics, glass mosaics, swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, laboratories, canteens, etc. It provides strong adhesion to cement/sand screeds, concrete and brickwork. It is also suitable for substrates such as glazed tiles, terrazzo and suitably prepared timber.


Surface Preparation:

All surfaces should be sound and thoroughly cleaned before RachTR TSA ST  is applied. All traces of greases or oil must be removed with degreaser. All loose particles of mortar must be physically removed.


RachTR TSA ST can be applied directly on concrete, cement screeds, cement, lime mortars and existing tiles. Timber surfaces should be checked to ensure rigidity and soundness to accept the additional loading without deflection. Provision must be made to ensure adequate ventilation beneath tiled timber flooring.


RachTR TSA ST should be mixed with water in the ratio of 3:1 by volume. Place gauging water in a clean mixing vessel. Add powder and mix with a suitable stirrer or mixer mounted on slow speed electric drill until a plastic, lumps free consistency is achieved. Hand mixing may be allowed if drill/paddle is not available. Allow to stand for 5 mins before use.


Apply thin bond coat to the substrate with the straight edge of the trowel. Then comb mortar on to the fresh bond coat with the notched edge of the trowel working in the direction. Apply only that much mortar which can cover the tiles within the open time. Open time can be checked by touching the adhesive bed with fingertip.
Position tiles in the adhesive bed and align with a slightly pushing motion, ensuring the tile back achieves full contact with the adhesive.
Remove excess adhesive with a damp cloth before material has set. Joint grouting may be commenced 24 hours after tiles have been laid.


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